Breathe Now for This Moment and Beyond

March 24, 2021  |  by Sheryl Rapée-Adams  |  Comments are off  | 

Your work with us resonates across time and space.

In the Moment

When we’re in session together, you experience immediate effects of the breathwork practices. Our gentle guidance awakens your sense of functional breathing. Your body and mind respond in the moment with activation of the parts of your brain that can make the choice between stimulus and response.

You practice breathing more slowly while moving smaller volumes of air. This promotes calm and concentration. And who doesn’t need more of those things now?

Clients say they notice this calming in the moment. Increased oxygenation warms the hands and feet. A sense of slowing down, a feeling of space to experience what our senses are taking in, and a slowing and focusing of thoughts occur. You get a sense of, literally, breathing room.

Between Sessions

Between sessions, benefits linger. Your brain recognizes that the breath affects your  physical and mental states. You understand that different states that arise, pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral, all affect the breath.

Without thinking about it, you begin to make different choices in the moment about how you’re breathing. You notice that, without having to choose, the most fundamental thing your body does—breathe—has begun to change.

When You Do the Practices

Doing the practices on your own gives you a handle you can use to positively affect your state at any time. We’ll review the exercises and practice together as often as you like. You’ll take away clear instructions to refer to.

Committing to regular times when you focus on and change your breath toward healthier, more functional respiration resets lifelong habits. Affecting your attitudes and experiences this way reminds your brain that you have this power, this agency. This tool becomes available throughout your life.

There are exercises and techniques to suit your goals, all based in long-studied respiratory physiology and the experience of researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

As You Safely Challenge Yourself and Grow

The habit of intentionally breathing in ways that support your health and goals is reward enough. Yet through gradually increasing challenges, you build your cardiovascular efficiency and fitness.

Just as with any exercise program, the challenges are in a safe range of discomfort that allows for growth without causing harm. Through these challenges, your respiratory efficiency increases.

Natural, functional breathing and its benefits are what we’re here to help you achieve. We invite you to hold it as near or take it as far as you want to go.