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To serve you safely during the pandemic and beyond, we offer virtual sessions in evidence-based therapeutic yoga and breathwork to soothe your nervous system and improve cardiovascular health.

While continuing our virtual offerings, we hope to reopen for in-person work in September 2021. Click here to see how that will work.

Therapeutic Yoga and Breathwork

Available in Virtual Sessions via Zoom

Ease your breathing and soothe your entire body and mind with evidence-based movement and breathwork that promote optimal health in body and mind. Safe, gentle sessions give you a handle on the most powerful lever you have to affect your nervous system: the breath.

Grounded in the Buteyko Breathing Method and Robin Rothenberg’s Restoring Prana work, our breathwork sessions support your goals. Sessions will help you

  • Feel calmer
  • Think and concentrate more effectively
  • Live through and recover from stressful times and build stress resilience
  • Improve posture and body mechanics to move with greater ease and comfort
  • Breathe efficiently to meet metabolic needs and support cardiovascular health and fitness
  • Develop tools and practices for life

Please complete this contact form, and we’ll arrange a free 15-minute Zoom or telephone consultation to see whether breathwork is right for you.

Therapeutic Yoga and Breathwork Rates

  • Initial session (45 minutes), $100
  • Additional sessions (45 minutes each), $60 each
  • Initial + second session (45 minutes each), $150
  • Initial session + 9 sessions (45 minutes each), $600

In-Person Bodywork

Our in-person treatments are not available during this global health challenge. We look forward to welcoming you back into our office when it’s safe.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is currently not available during the coronavirus pandemic.

The fully-clothed client rests comfortably on an air mattress for this slow, gentle, deeply relaxing full-body treatment that soothes the nervous system and eases tissue restrictions.

Clients report relief from the symptoms of chronic and acute conditions, including:

  • problems due to stress
  • back, neck, and other pain
  • joint mobility restrictions
  • migraine, tension, and cluster headaches
  • the effects of old injuries
  • TMJ Syndrome.

Even when massage is contraindicated, Craniosacral Therapy is sometimes gentle enough and beneficial for such conditions.

Craniosacral Therapy Rates

  • 50-70 minutes, $80
  • 5 prepaid treatments for $350

Chris Adams is our Craniosacral Therapy specialist.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is currently not available during the coronavirus pandemic.

We utilize organic oil and optional essential oils for the comfortingly familiar work of massage therapy. We vary long, gliding strikes with static, specific pressure. A treatment can be gentle and soothing or firmer and energizing.

Massage can increase general relaxation and relief from aches and discomfort. Each client’s treatment is uniquely personalized, with techniques and pressure most appropriate to their goals.

Massage Therapy Rates

  • 30 minutes, $50 (5 prepaid treatments for $225)
  • 60 minutes, $80 (5 prepaid treatments for $350)
  • 90 minutes, $110 (5 prepaid treatments for $500)

Sheryl Rapée-Adams and Chris Adams both offer massage therapy.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is currently not available during the coronavirus pandemic.

This deeply relaxing bodywork affects the entire body via the 7,800 nerve endings of the feet.

Begin with an optional foot bath in comfortably warm water and essential oils of your choice. Then rest on a comfortably supportive surface for a thorough treatment of the feet and lower legs.

Clients report increased comfort, relief from physical complaints, greater relaxation, and deeper, more restful sleep.

Foot Reflexology Rates

  • 60 minutes, $80
  • 5 prepaid treatments for $350

Sheryl Rapée-Adams is our Foot Reflexology specialist.