Sorry, Not Yet

May 3, 2020  |  Comments are off

This week when I answered the phone, some asked, “How much is a massage?” I remain surprised people are still calling us for massages as though this could be safe for them or for us. I told him I was sorry, but we’re closed by order of our governor for everyone’s health and safety.

Doing massage feeds us as it nurtures you. It literally feeds us as work we do to make a living. Taking care of you with therapeutic touch feeds our hearts and minds, too. We want to return to work; clients want us to return to work. Please know that’s where we’re coming from when we tell you that we don’t know how or when that will happen.

My excellent physiology and pathology teacher (Muscular Therapy Institute 1996), Tracy Walton, wrote

The bottom line: It is not yet safe to return. The preponderance of public health opinion tells us that. We are still learning some of the basics about this virus. Our first death occurred just 9 weeks ago.

In the absence of benchmarks and information, governors who reopen are trivializing human life and safety. It is a social experiment—their experiment.

We agree. We consider ourselves very fortunate to live in Vermont, now more than ever, as Governor Scott continues being the leader we need in this time.

For now, the answer is no. We will not experiment with your health and safety or ours. We “refuse to supply the subjects for this experiment.”