What to Do, What to Do?

April 22, 2020  |  Comments are off

Feelings happen. You might be beside yourself, at sixes and sevens, flummoxed, heartbroken, anxious, terrified, exhausted, hyped up, unfocused, hyperfocused, gleeful, loving, hopeful, even joyful—all within a few minutes.

Feed your head. Here are resources we utilize regularly. Maybe some of them will be helpful to you.

Ten Percent Happier Live often includes cats, as did the April 17 sanity break with mindful communication teacher and author Oren Jay Sofer.

Every weekday at 3PM ET, we take a sanity break with Ten Percent Happier Live. Each day, Dan Harris welcomes a guest for some chat, a five-minute meditation, and Q&A.

Can’t make it at 3? Every session is recorded and available here. Re-watch your favorites as many times as you like.

Even before “this” happened, Ten Percent Happier hit all the right notes for us: clarity, relevance, humor, seriousness, and practical, evidence-based practices.

A friend shared this video of brief, sensible steps. We appreciate its basis in noting what’s real for you, acknowledging thoughts and feelings, and making decisions based on what really matters to you. One thing that’s helped me when I’m anxiating (thanks to another friend for that verb) is: When I look back on this time, what will I think of how I behaved? For example, my future self reassures my current self to be gentle and inactive when I need that and productive when I have the energy for it. In that sense, this video speaks to me.


We laugh! We read and watch fun, inspiring, funny, silly things. Sometimes it’s very dark humor, sometimes lighthearted. We take in funny stories, photos, videos of cats and crazy dance routines, and other creative offerings that I can hardly describe. We love this video.


And, as someone said on Twitter,

If anyone figures out the right answer to “how are you doing” please let me know.