A Few Words About Words

February 3, 2021  |  by Sheryl Rapée-Adams  |  no comments yet  | 

Our work here at Massage Vermont is nervous-system soothing through touch and, more recently, evidence-based breathwork. It’s never been psychotherapy.

But words are powerful. We’re conscious to speak mindfully with clients. In addition to sticking to what’s true and kind, we seek what’s useful to say: what helps clients find ease without triggering unwanted thoughts and sensations.

We speak from a place of open observation—that is, mindfulness of what is, including hopes for what will be—rather than using “prescriptive” speech. I listened to an episode of my new favorite podcast, The Allusionist, and heard why affirmations aren’t as effective as one might hope (though if they’re working for you, fantastic! Carry on). The mind tends to go negative, as if I needed to tell you that. There are powerful ways to wield the mind’s tendencies to disarm troubling words.

Click here to listen to “Allusionist 14: Behave,” a glimpse into how a psychologist works with clients when words have become triggers for intrusive thoughts and feelings and detract from quality of life. The effects of this on lives is very serious. The work to defuse these words is playful, wordplay.

Note: Our work and the resources we provide are never a substitute for professional mental health care. Please seek a qualified practitioner. This post refers to a show that concerns mental health. It might not be appropriate for all listeners all the time.