A Thank You to Massage Clients

November 20, 2016  |  no comments yet
By Johanna Ljungblom from sxc.hu

By Johanna Ljungblom from sxc.hu

At this time of giving thanks, I thank you, our clients, for allowing me the gift of massage therapy as a career. Livelihood matters, and there’s so much more.

When you walk into our office, you might notice that the calming colors, soft sounds, and soothing atmosphere help you relax even before you are on the table. Yeah, it does that for me, too, all day long.

Creating a bodywork experience for each client means bringing all my attention to the client’s senses. I carefully monitor how everything – the temperature, music, table support, and of course my touch and demeanor – affect your nervous system. This calms me as well.

Clients have asked whether it’s hard to treat a client when I am struggling with life. During each treatment, I delve into my best, most caring self. Instead of my worries, my client’s needs and comfort are the primary focus of my attention.

During treatment time, I regain perspective and tap into healing that benefits me as well as my client. Attending to your needs increases my empathy and care for you. Over more than 20 years of doing this work, I feel my ever-expanding circle of care growing to encompass all beings, wishing safety and greater comfort for all.

For all this, I am thankful.