A Vaccine Is So Welcome—and Only One Step

December 12, 2020  |  no comments yet

Thank goodness vaccines are on the way. That will change the course of this pandemic, saving so many lives, preventing so much heartbreak.

However, vaccines being available to the general public will not cause us to reopen for in-person work. There’s no assurance that being vaccinated will prevent people from carrying and spreading COVID-19. The vaccines are thought to be about 95 percent effective, and that’s not good enough for us.

Massage is done up close in a small, enclosed space, where PPE does not eliminate transmission risk and physical distancing is impossible.

Most medical authorities note that spending fifteen minutes, masked or unmasked, within six feet of someone who’s tested positive, displays symptoms, or who tests positive within 48 hours qualifies as exposure.

A person with COVID can still test negative, because the virus has to build up its presence over time to be detected via nasal swab or saliva sample.

-from Lifehacker

One thing is certain: the uncertainty about who is infected because they’re asymptomatic or presymptomatic. Meanwhile, this second surge, with rising numbers of infections and deaths, continues, surpassing earlier numbers.

We won’t risk your health or ours. We continue to develop our skills in evidence-based breathwork and other techniques so we can begin working with you remotely to relax and soothe your nervous system from home.

We’ll reopen for hands-on treatments when there’s no further need for masks or social distancing.

We so look forward to seeing you for safe, nurturing touch when the time comes.