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Posted on July 24, 2014 by Sheryl Rapée-Adams
Image of a shiny brain on a blue background

“Shiny Brain” Image courtesy of artm in the Ukraine, retrieved from sxc.hu

That’s how a client described me after his treatment yesterday: Fearless.

Why? Because I worked areas that many people regard as too sensitive or unpleasant to have touched.

In this case, the client was referring to muscles of the chest and arms that are near the axilla (underarm). The client was especially tight there and glad to have the area treated.

In addition to any tenderness that area might have, a client might be concerned about sweat or smell. That could cause the client to tense up as someone’s hand approaches the axilla.

ANYTHING that increases the brain’s perception of the need to protect you can increase your pain.

Explain Pain, Butler, Moseley & Sunyata, p. 100

It’s your brain that decides what hurts and what doesn’t. Feeling pain when someone touches an area does not mean the tissue is damaged.

If you seek treatment in an area you feel protective over, you are the brave one.

If you feel protective of an area and speak up to ask a massage therapist not to touch it, you are the brave one.

Either way, we welcome you.

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