“I want total, delicious relaxation.”

September 6, 2014  |  no comments yet

Our brief intake forms ask clients what they want from their treatments with us. Clients’ goals include relief from particular aches and pains, increased mobility, support for better sleep, reduction in anxiety and depression, or a complement to their fitness regimen.

My favorite reason to provide bodywork or others is also the main reason I get bodywork myself: total, delicious relaxation.

Chris and I create conditions that soothe the nervous system:

  • A beautiful, quiet space
  • Music or silence, as the client prefers
  • The option of subtly scented oils or scent-free, for clients getting massage or foot reflexology
  • A selection of techniques clients can choose, according to what each one’s nervous system finds most relaxing
  • Our full attention and commitment to the client and their particular needs, which can mean almost no talking or sparse conversation that ensures comfort and promotes the most soothing mood

The desire for total, delicious relaxation is a good first step toward actually having that experience. Most clients who want it are able to reach that special state, sometimes called the Relaxation Response.

The Relaxation Response has beneficial effects on every system of the body and a person’s overall well-being. And it feels good, too. Yes, things that feel good can be very good for you.

In another post, I’ll write about what to do when a client has a difficult time relaxing.