If you feel something, say something.

October 31, 2019  |  1 comment

Dear Clients,

We care about you and dedicate our sixty years of combined professional bodywork experience to your well-being.

We care about ourselves, too, and will offer you only what works for us along with what serves your best interests. That means we really, truly welcome (and actually feel a great need to hear) your requests and feedback. All of it.

If you want the room warmer or cooler, just ask. Need a glass of water (or to use the toilet) during a treatment? No problem. Is the music annoying instead of relaxing? Just say something and it’s gone.

Perhaps most important, if what we’re doing doesn’t feel great, please tell us.

That sounds simple and easy. In our experience, it isn’t. There’s something about undressing and lying down in a dark room and putting yourself in the hands of a fully clothed massage therapist. It takes trust.

It can feel uncomfortable to speak up on your own behalf, especially if you’ve been taught not to “complain.” We don’t see your requests as complaints, but as opportunities to do our job better. Our job is helping you feel better, and telling us what you need makes sure we can do that.

You might think we’ll remember you as the client who asked for all sorts of things. But you know what? After six decades between us, the only way we remember who said what is when we note it in your file. When you return, opening that file and discovering what works well for you is so helpful.

We strive to earn and maintain your trust precisely so you can enjoy the benefits of our work: touch that your nervous system finds yummy and comfort that your organism feels completely safe relaxing into.

The only thing more important is making sure we know when that isn’t happening.

With great care,

Sheryl and Chris