Meet Bart

June 24, 2014  |  no comments yet
Chris Adams & Sheryl Rapée-Adams with a plastic skeleton onto which they have shaped and applied muscles of colored Plasticine

Chris Adams & Sheryl Rapée-Adams at an Anatomy In Clay Workshop taught by Dr. Joseph Muscolino, held at National Life & organized by Montpelier massage therapist Melissa Marks

Last weekend we spent about 14 hours with our friend Bart here. Bart allowed Chris and me to review and learn more about human anatomy, in particular the muscles of the shoulder and hip. With me on Bart’s left and Chris on his right, we each shaped muscles out of Plasticine and stuck them on Bart’s bony landmarks. Continuing education is an addiction among most bodyworkers I know. The human body is fascinating and we spend our workdays with them. I would take many more classes like this if time and money allowed. Chris and I will never perform medical procedures. We don’t do even do medical massage. Yet having a clear sense of the location, function, surrounding tissues, and systemic role of each muscle makes our work more effective. You, our client, are unique. Yet commonalities exist among all us humans (and Bart) in our anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, Understanding the body’s structure and function while attending to the whole person on the table helps guide our hands where they need to go to help you feel better. Thanks, Bart.