Neighborly trust

December 9, 2014  |  no comments yet

Yesterday we were notified that someone purchased three gift certificates on our website. Later we received an email from the buyer asking to use our holiday offer.

We’re offering a special until Dec. 31:  Get 20% off your entire purchase when you buy three or more gift certificates for yourself and anyone else.

But our website shopping cart doesn’t show our offer, and we asked people interested in the offer to contact us. But this new client went ahead and made the purchase at full price and trusted we would figure something out. We did. We now know how easy it is to refund 20% of a purchase. Please go ahead and use that option if you want to take advantage of the special and  make your purchase online.

This new client extended her trust to us when she bought our services at full price and expected us to to honor the offer. We’re grateful for that trust. Montpelier remains a small, neighborly town in close-knit Central Vermont where we hold each other responsible for doing the right thing.

I always want the place I live, work, and plan to spend the rest of my life to have that quality, where we presume the best of our fellow community members.