Night Light

July 2, 2014  |  2 comments

Chris has done bodywork for over 30 years, I for more than 20. Yesterday we flipped the switch on our very first lighted sign.

I surprised myself by feeling self-conscious. Maybe because I know that an illuminated sign shining out of darkness is far more likely to be seen passers-by than it is during the day.

Last night as dusk morphed into dark, I saw a couple and their beagle dog walking along the sidewalk toward our driveway. I hurried out to ask them how the sign light was for pedestrians. Did it momentarily blind them as they approached? Was it light pollution?

The couple said the light was fine, no blinding flash and not at all too bright for the neighborhood.

Bodywork is effective to the extent we offer each client safe, healing touch that is received without the nervous system’s protective alarm systems going off. We aim for Massage Vermont’s presence to offer soothing impressions to the neighborhood as well.

Fireworks can be wild fun. But hands-on healing works best at the other, calmer end of the spectrum. Different kinds of input for different occasions.

We wish everyone a safe, happy Independence Day.