No Time for Delays

September 1, 2016  |  no comments yet

Today I went back to Jazzercise. It was my first class in more than two years. On the drive home, I thought, “At 52 years old, it’s hit or miss whether I can restart working out after a hiatus and discover, ‘Hey, I can still do this.'”

I’m not going to test it again. I bought a 9-month contract and made the commitment.

I love the workout and the friendly, supportive atmosphere. When I go to classes, I feel better all over. It’s not just physical; my insides reflect the roil and turmoil in the world. Like bodywork, aerobic exercise reduces anxiety and has positive side effects. Why did I stop?

The studio is eight miles away on congested streets, or 15 miles of free-flowing highway. I have to plan my schedule around the 25-minute commute.

My hearing is getting cranky. At higher volumes and with background noise, sound turns into mush, and sibilance and high-pitched sounds are piercing. I understand about 25% of what the wonderful Jazzercise instructors sayinto their headset mikes. Sometimes I focus hard to understand their words, only to realize they’re just singing along with the song we’re dancing to.

I scheduled an audiology assessment for this month.

There’s no time for delays. The time to do what I want is now. Whether it’s getting and staying fit, or getting bodywork regularly, my health and wellness are worth more than all the excuses combined.

Goose aerobics by Jeff Jones (

Goose Aerobics by Jeff Jones (