On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Pause.

September 25, 2021  |  by Sheryl RapĂ©e-Adams  |  Comments are off  | 

We’re getting there. We’ve loaded up on PPE and cleaning supplies. The office looks almost ready to open for business. We’d hoped to reopen in September, and we might . . . or might not.

Have you noticed that tasks take longer than they used to? Whether it’s setting up our treatment rooms or making decisions about our new protocols, the factors are more numerous and complex, and our brains are tired. Logistical hitches slowed us down too.

We ask for your patience. Massage as we offer it is for balancing and quieting the nervous system of each client. We can do that only if we start with our own. As a matter of integrity in your wellness and ours, Chris and I are extending patience to ourselves in getting the practice going again. Just as our intent to offer the touch your nervous system welcomes takes all our skill and mindful attention, so does reopening in these times.