Our High-Caution Massage Practice Meets Needs

August 31, 2021  |  by Sheryl RapĂ©e-Adams  |  Comments are off  | 

You may have noticed wide variation in precautions massage practices are taking as each adjusts to working amid the pandemic. From closing permanently to resuming operations as if there were no COVID-19, we’re seeing it all.

Massage Vermont’s pandemic precautions are strict and we will not make exceptions. That is what will allow us to reopen soon.

The precautions we’re instituting are the only way we can get back to work. A Massage Vermont practitioner and household member is high-risk for COVID-19. Failing to uphold every safety measure puts that practitioner at risk.

Some have suggested we put this devoted and skilled but high-risk practitioner out to pasture. Others say we’re choosing fear over life. Neither applies. Just as we drive our vehicles carefully but not fearfully because we wear seatbelts, we assess our real-world pandemic risks and make informed choices so we can continue to work and live life fully.

Adhering to these measures in our massage practice protects our high-risk practitioner, who is eager to get back to work. Our precautions may also allow higher-risk clients, and clients with high-risk household members, access to bodywork they wouldn’t otherwise have.

It’s important to match massage clients with the practices that can best serve their needs. For example, we offer gentle, soothing work but not “deep-tissue” massage, but we’ll gladly refer you to someone who does.

We welcome clients who are willing to be here under the conditions we establish. It’s how we’ll best be able to meet the needs of all involved. If that’s you, we’re really looking forward to seeing you again!