August 18, 2014  |  no comments yet

After a client’s recent session, her eyes sparkled and she spoke softly of a memory that had arisen in the session.  It was something she hadn’t thought of in years.

Deep in a relaxed state, she recalled an experience she’d had over twenty years ago.  While swimming across a pond in Central Vermont, she’d gone into labor.

The day of her massage was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the experience she remembered, the day before her daughter was born.

Does the body have memories separate from what the brain remembers? I found no evidence for body memories, though there are plenty of speculations and personal stories.

According to the article Scientists find how relaxed minds remember better” by Kate Kelland, “Stronger and more lasting memories are likely to be formed when a person is relaxed.”

Have memories arisen while you’ve been receiving bodywork or otherwise deeply relaxed? What other memorable experiences have you had on or shortly after coming off the massage table?