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Gently at Any Age

Posted on November 8, 2017 by Sheryl Rapée-Adams

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If you’re scheduling a treatment with us, you’re most likely seeking relaxation and relief from tension. Many styles of bodywork and a range of pressure can get you there.

Recently, I’ve begun saying, “I provide gentle to moderate pressure.”

In other words, if someone is seeking deep deep-tissue work, I refer them to another practitioner.

Chris and I have been offering bodywork for 32 and 22 years, respectively. We’ve improved over many years of practice, continuing education, and — most of all — tuning in to our clients’ needs. Attending to what helps our clients feel better is our professional secret.

As a younger practitioner, I sometimes worked too hard. At times, I mistakenly equated applying firmer pressure with being more therapeutic. Learning about pain science made me aware of how the nervous system processes touch, as well as other input in the treatment room, including sounds, sights, and temperature.

Though Chris and I are both well into the second half of life, we will continue providing bodywork. I am more conscious of accommodating my own body’s condition as I meet each client’s needs. With an infinitely diverse array of bodywork styles and practitioners available, some clients may prefer to work with a different practitioner, perhaps someone who specializes in deep tissue work.

Chris and I will continue welcoming new and returning clients for therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, and foot reflexology. We will continue to adjust treatments to meet each client’s needs.

You can continue finding relief, comfort, and bliss right here with us.

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