Rogue Massage Critics

April 21, 2015  |  no comments yet

When Chris and I are away, we seek out bodywork treatments to soothe the stress, aches, and pains of traveling. We also like to broaden our bodywork experiences beyond what we receive at home.

On a recent visit with family in South Florida, we received wonderful treatments at two facilities. We didn’t tell our practitioners upfront that we are bodyworkers.

When I receive bodywork, I don’t want to chat about work or anything else. I want my practitioner to focus on my needs for the session, just as they would with any other client.

On a hot, sunny April day in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, I emerged from a delicious massage with Chani of Inner Scape Massage. Chani was chatting with Chris who’d had a treatment with her before me. Chani said with a smile, “You’re like the rogue restaurant critics.” Chris added, “I outed us.”

We laughed. Still, it reminded me that I prefer to avoid introducing even the possibility that a practitioner will feel self-conscious about working on another professional.

Sometimes I tell other practitioners what I do before my treatment. Certainly, if the help I seek is work-related or if the practitioner asks what I do for work, I answer honestly.

But am I being fair on those occasions when I don’t share my work until afterward or at all? Is there a reason to disclose in advance what I do? What do you think?