The Magic Number Three

April 7, 2018  |  no comments yet

The Three Amigos
Free Images/H Berends

At the end of a massage, a client said she’d noticed something when I’d worked around her anterior arm and pectoral muscles.

She said that when I first started in that area, it didn’t feel like much. But after a few moments, the sensation began to feel significant. So she tuned in and received the satisfying sensations with awareness.

She asked me why.

For the deep-dive reasons, I’d want to ask a professional who understands the nervous system better than I. I’d be curious to know whether the medical explanation jives with my experience of the number three.

  1. The first touch: The body says, “Something happened here. What is it?”
  2. The second touch: “That’s what happened. Is it safe, pleasant?”
  3. The third touch: “Ah, yes. I receive and enjoy this. Is there more?”

When I work with clients, I make sure to apply at least three slow touches to any area. Preferably four or five.

What do you think?