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The Silence of the Cell Phones

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Sheryl Rapée-Adams

SXC Silence angel by p1nkp4nt3rIt was the end of an extremely stressful week for the client on my massage table. She was finally relaxing, her breathing deepening, her muscle tension melting.

Then her cell phone rang.

Next time your cell goes off, notice your instantaneous responses.

Does your body tense up? If so, where? Does your mind wonder what it might be, such as a text you’re anticipating or dreading? Do you start making lists of the things you need to do when you next pick up the device?

This is why we encourage clients to silence their cell phones during a treatment. If someone needs to leave their device on due to an urgent situation, then at least they can take the time to get a massage even with the risk of interruption.

For everyone else, the cell phone’s ring, ping, song, buzz, or whatever’s programmed to go off will simply destroy the mood.

My client never did get her relaxation mojo back during that treatment. She joked about it being the lottery calling to tell her she’s a winner. She became chatty.

I regret that I did not remind my client to silence her cell. I am making wall signs to remind clients and people in the waiting area.

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