We’re Closed until Further Notice

March 15, 2020  |  no comments yet

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Neighbors,

For everyone’s protection, we are closing our doors until further notice.

COVID-19 carriers may be asymptomatic or presymptomatic. Whether someone feels ill and where they may have traveled are not useful considerations.

Emerging data points to staying home and ending all nonessential interaction with others as a key measure. This gives us a hope of slowing the coronavirus spread enough for our health care system to accommodate those who will need it to survive.

Here is data out of Washington State to support this. Washington is days to weeks ahead of New England with COVID-19; we would do well to heed what our neighbors to the Northwest are learning.

Tending to the Epidemic of Anxiety

We recognize the anxiety crisis that is part of this public health crisis. We feel it too. Recognizing stress is a sane reaction; trying to push it away creates more stress. For many, massage and bodywork are one of the ways we tune in to our bodies’ sensations and escort our nervous systems toward balance and calm.

Digital connectivity gives us access to tools for living with stress—tools we need more than ever.

We highly recommend the Ten Percent Happier podcast‘s special episode on working with the uncertainty and anxiety of this epidemic.

Listen here: Ten Percent Happier: How to Handle Coronavirus Anxiety | Special Edition

Also, the Ten Percent Happier app has a free trial membership and free mindfulness tools. These talks, practices, and virtual community will allow you to shift toward mindfulness with proven techniques. The practices are what help me abide daily in whatever life brings, both from the world and internally with my own thoughts and feelings.

My weekly meditation group reads aloud from a book we’ve selected. I’m finding our current book especially helpful right now: Boundless Heart: The Buddha’s Path of Kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity by Christina Feldman. (Starting this week, our group will meet virtually thanks to digital tools and members willing to set us up on them.)

We wish you ease and kindness in the midst of this. We offer ease and kindness to all in the midst of this.