We’re Taking Precautions so You Can Relax

March 13, 2020  |  by Sheryl Rapée-Adams  |  1 comment  | 

We’re taking precautionary measures amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Please cancel or reschedule your appointments here if you have any sign of illness symptoms (including non-coronavirus symptoms) and/or if you have traveled out of the area within the last fourteen days.

There will be no penalty for last-minute cancellations.

For our part, we are sanitizing all surfaces. We’re ensuring blankets and anything that touches clients is washed between each treatment.

If any of us working here even thinks we have a symptom, we will cancel our appointments until the threat passes.

Please breathe. Slow breaths with extra-long exhalations within your comfort zone could help.

Yes, we’ve moved beyond virus-protection talk to the fact that we are still alive, life continues, and we’re choosing to move forward with as much comfort and ease as we can. Reducing stress and redirecting threatening thoughts can free up body’s resources to better protect us.

May all be well. May all find peace.